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Release Tax Lien

"Just like Spiderman's web, IRS tax lien works like a net or web that sticks and entangles all your assets." Victor J. Yoo, Los Angeles Tax Attorney

A Tax Lien is used by the IRS as a tool for security towards or payment for income tax owed the federal government. The filing of a tax lien serves as a public notice to your creditors that the IRS has a claim on property that is in your name, including properties acquired after the lien is filed including your house, car and bank accounts.

Releasing your Tax Lien

IRS may issue a Withdraw or Release filing of the Notice of Federal Tax Lien under certain circumstances including some of the situations listed below:

  1. Taxpayer has fully paid all taxes owed, including interest and additional fees.
  2. Taxpayer has successfully negotiated and paid the lower amount of taxes by method of an Offer in Compromise.
  3. IRS accepts a bond that the taxpayer submits that serves as a guarantee of payment of the debt.
  4. Tax lien releases automatically10 years after a tax is assessed if certain conditions are met.
  5. You may apply for release of a tax lien by completing a Certificate of Discharge, in the event that you sell a home or other property.
  6. The notice of Federal Tax Lien was filed too quickly or in violation of IRS procedures.
  7. Withdrawal will allow for faster collection of the tax.
  8. Withdrawal would be in the best interest of both you and the government.
  9. If the taxpayer was in bankruptcy and the IRS assessed the tax and filed the lien, even though those in bankruptcy are allowed an automatic stay.
  10. IRS made an error of procedure in an assessment.
  11. Taxpayer was not given the appropriate opportunity to dispute the assessed liability.

Your credit rating may be affected upon a lien being filed. You may be denied a loan to buy a car or a house, the ability to sign any type of lease, or a new credit card. In order that damage to your credit rating is as little as possible, you need to resolve your tax lien problems as soon as you can. Contact us by e-mail or by telephone at (888) 553-8000.

Client Reviews
Victor is an excellent tax attorney for individuals and business in need of tax relief. Feel assured that Victor can get the job done. I know I am comfortable recommending Victor for any tax problem. John K.
We had a irs problem and came to Victor. He is very knowledgeable and gave us great advice. I would recommend him to anyone with tax problems. He also does franchise tax board cases but we didn't need him for that. I have referred fiends to him and they were happy with him too. Pam
My elderly mother had a very complicated tax problem from when she lived in CA years ago. Even though we now live in Oregon, Mr. Yoo not only helped her remotely but delivered better and expected results. We couldn't have asked for better service. Lisa
Victor got us out of a jam with the IRS. We were the first to be offered a new amnesty program and it saved us quite a bit in taxes, but more importantly gave us peace of mind. John
Our personal taxes got complicated because of an erroneous 1099 we received. As a result our tax liability increased. Victor was able to iron things out with the IRS and Franchise Tax Board. Ed